S No. Particulars/Details Description
1 Name/Address Of Website http://www.nhclindia.com/
2 Name of the Establishment NEW HORIZONS CYBERSOFT LIMITED.
3 Address of the Establishment #2 Bhooma Plaza, Street No.4, Avenue-7, Road No.1,
Banjara Hills, Hyderabad-500 034.
4 Address of the Establishment/Branch Office where contract workers are to be engaged #113 & 114 GUPTA COMPLEX,OLD ROTHAK ROAD,INDRALOK, NEW DELHI-110035.
5 Nature of work for which Contract Workmen are to be employed Supervisors/Meter Readers/Data Entery Operators/Field sales Executies/Bill Distributors.
6 Name of the Proprietor/Partner/Director/Managing Director K.AJAY KUMAR
7 Date of starting of Business 2000
8 Date of Initial agreement with the Principal Employer(working since with PE) N/A
9 Mobile No. of PE/Contractor 9899161954
10 Email ID of PE/Contractor dssharma761@gmail.com
11 Website Address of Contractor's establishment http://www.nhclindia.com/
12 Reg. cert. No. of PE/Contractor Labour License No. and valid up to CLA lCll6lDLC//Nw/07
13 Reg. No. under the Reg. Act,1908 N/A
14 Reg. No. under the Partnership Act,1932 N/A
15 Reg. No. under the Companies Act,1956 01-33917
16 Reg. No. under the Factories Act ( For PE ) N/A
17 Reg. No. of Employee ESI Act,1948 11-10-107201-0910
18 Reg. No. EPF and Misc. Provisions Act, 1952 AP/38280
19 Service Tax Reg. No. AABCN1143MST001
20 Sale Tax Reg. No. PJt/10/1/2289/2.001-02
21 Pan Card No. AABCN1143M
22 DVAT Registration No. 36340237154

List of Category of Workers

S No. Type of Workmen Category of Workmen Minimum Wages Payable
1 Supervisor Graduate & Above 19,572/- pm
2 Supervisor Skilled 17,991/- pm
3 Bill Distributor Unskilled 14,842/- pm
4 Data Entry Operator , Field sales Executive,Meter Reader Semi-skilled 16,341/- pm

List of Category of Payments

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