NHCL has partnered with CMB Consultants, Australia to bring to you a high precision tool for greater success at accurate budgeting, financial monitoring & control during PLC to achieve the best possible outcome for your company.

Key Features

PMax Risk Analytics has been developed by CMB Consultants, Australia.

  • PMax Algorithm delivers a game-changing precision of 0.2% variance in triangular risk distribution for accurate cost estimation and budgeting.
  • Flagship products PMax Risk Based Cost Estimator and PMax Budget Forecaster can be customised for most industry sectors: Construction, Transportation, Logistics, Health Care, Oil & Gas, Finance, Stock-Markets, etc.
  • Product launch is undertaken in association with international partners such as New Horizons Cybersoft Limited.
  • Excel interface provides ease of use.
  • C-Language code ensures maximum performance.
  • C-Language code is compiled into a separate Windows DLL file to elevate level of protection. Furthermore, it is designed to isolate clients' sensitive financial information from possible cyber threats by hardware-locking system instead of cloud-based access.

What we Offer

PMax Algorithm provides repeatable results with high precision of 0.2% variance in triangular risk distribution.

Suitable for Minor to Major Projects: Has 270 line items, with provision for inputs into 2 domains.

Mega Projects can take advantage of PMax Algorithm's powerful & unique ability to produce P value for each individual item so multiple estimates can be aggregated, i.e. generating a separate estimate for each sub-project and compiling them.

In addition to Software Licencing, Customisation & Training, we offer consultancy services in Project Cost Estimation and Financial Management.

Please visit PMax Website for details.