Our partnership with Snowflake

As a Snowflake preferred partner in India, we provide Snowflake consulting and services for Snowflake cloud data warehouse.

Wherever you are in your Snowflake journey, NHCL can help you visualize and understand data usage, implement Snowflake’s native access controls without writing code, and layer advanced security on top of Snowflake to mitigate your data risk.

Trust our proven migration methodology and expertise to get to Snowflake faster and simple, Established Snowflake solution using automation plan and migrate without risk quickly let you realize value out of your snowflake investment.

NHCL will provide you with a detailed sprint-based migration plan. Together these technologies bring sprint-based, incremental migrations to Snowflake with extending parallel running and near to zero risk even for massive scale migrations.

What NHCL offers

  • Software as a service (or SaaS)- Snowflake integration: NHCL supports all Snowflake cloud deployments and all connection methods to Snowflake. No need to use proxies, modify applications, or change end user behavior. NHCL automatically syncs Snowflake roles to make getting started even easier.
  • Automated data discovery,classification, and data usage analytics: Automatically discover and classify data when connecting o Snowflake. NHCL monitors usage and visualizes who your top roles and users are. No code to write, data to export, or dashboards to create.
  • Native Snowflake control and just simpler: Create native policies that control access and dynamically mask sensitive data in Snowflake without writing and maintaining SQL code. With simplified control over data, privacy managers and governance teams can implement policy while data teams focus on higher value tasks.
  • Advanced security to protect sensitive data: Use risk-based thresholds to protect data from credentialed access threats and help mitigate your data risk. Data tokenized by NHCL is protected in use and at rest in Snowflake, ensuring all requests for sensitive data follow your governance and security policies.

Our value proposition

NHCL’s partnership with Snowflake enables faster performance, lower cost of ownership, elimination of duplicate data, scalability, higher value-added tasks focus, improved visibility and responsiveness, and faster time to insight.

Faster Performance: Snowflake’s data engine executes data integrations, reports, and analytical workloads at scale without typical performance issues.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership:Leverage a data engine that has low management costs, low system maintenance overhead, and lower computation costs.

Eliminate Duplication & Scalability: Snowflake scales easily during heavy workloads, reducing or eliminating the need for duplicate data.

Higher Value-Added Task Focus: The ease of database management allows teams to focus on more than just maintenance and support, delivering valuable business capabilities to the organization.

Visibility & Responsiveness: Easily understand usage by business users and quickly allocate database resources to meet needs within minutes - not hours, days, or weeks.

Faster Time to Insight: Improve insights from the data repository for diverse datasets (sales, customer records, employee information). Quickly analyze information and find patterns that could improve business goals like boosting sales or improving customer service.

Get in touch with us at haroon@nhclindia.com