NHCL provides Total Revenue Management [TRM] services to various electricity distribution companies. NHCL is providing this service to APCPDCL in Hyderabad, GESCOM at Hospet, MESCOM at Mangalore and NDPL in New Delhi. The number of consumers serviced by NHCL is close to 1,000,000. NHCL is the pioneer in this service offering and is providing this service for more than 20 years.

Under the contract from the DISCOM, NHCL provides computer centers at each Division and Sub-division level. In several cases, computer systems are provided at the Section level also. Each one of these centers are provided with a server, several computers, printers, UPS etc., for maintaining consumer data, generating bills, collecting payments and generating MIS reports. Each center is staffed with an Operational-in-charge, Technical-in-charge, data entry operators and meter readers.


Using TRM, the consumer data for the day is downloaded into the Spot Billing Machines [SBM]. The meter readers will go to the consumer site and read the meter and enter the meter reading and status into the SBM. The bill is printed on the spot and is delivered to the consumer. At the end of the day, the data from the SBM is uploaded to the server and daily reports are generated. During the day, the payments are collected at the cash counters and receipts are printed. The payments collected at the bank and remote locations are also entered. At the end of the day the collection reports are generated and tallied. Any corrections that are to be made in the bills or payments are being entered into the system as Journal Entries.

Daily, weekly and monthly reports are generated for the use of the DISCOM personnel.

Key Features

  • Online & menu driven system
  • Uses Oracle database as backend for this system
  • Main application uses VB, VB.net
  • The MIS reports are generated using JSP and can be made available on intranet for higher management
  • Cash counters use VB.net software
  • Spot Billing Machine software is written using 'C' language
  • Multi-level Security
  • Back-up & recovery to meet the rigorous needs of the DISCOM's
  • Audit tracking of critical transactions