We work with health care providers and wellness centres to empower consumers in their health and wellness journey. As health care costs continue to rise, organizations managing the health of populations need innovative and engaging ways to help their customers achieve their personal health goals, whether its employees, health plan members or patients. Our solution is designed to provide a personalized care experience by helping you know an individual’s health and well-being profile and deliver targeted learning resources and manage experiences along a person’s health journey.

We collaborate with wellness centres, health care providers, Spa’s & Resorts to deliver Health based solutions at scale. These solutions are proven to deliver better health outcomes, business performance and patient experiences.

Our Wellness and spa solution is designed to manage the Spa and Wellness activities inside a hotel or resort, such as:

  • Appointments/Reservations
  • Invoicing
  • Doctor Consultations
  • Spa Management
  • Vouchers
  • Employee scheduling
  • Table reservations and so forth

This solution helps you organize every single activity, simply and efficiently. The Wellness and Spa solution is a web based application consisting of integrated modules to take care of all the processes being used in a wellness centre supported by a robust ERP and financial management system through SAP.

  • This solution consists of a highly interactive & informative website through which the guest interacts, while the wellness centre operations are managed through a well-integrated web application.
  • It covers all the functionalities starting from guest reservation through Check-in, doctor consultation, treatment and diet management, kitchen and restaurant, check out and billing, Spa Management. Also covers all the related functionalities for managing any of the major activities inside any Hotel/Wellness centre
  • Provides user friendly and secure environment for the guests and organization.