Total Revenue Management

Total Revenue Management is a software package for Electricity Distribution Companies and allows Billing, Collection and maintains consumer information. The billing is done at the consumer site using Spot Billing Machines. This software package can generate various reports that helps distribution companies to analyse their performance on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. It provides complete information about Demand, Collection and Billing. It enables the consumer to access their consumer account information online [where available].

  • Online & menu driven system
  • Uses Oracle database as backend for this system
  • Main application uses VB,
  • The MIS reports are generated using JSP and can be made available on intranet for higher management
  • Cash counters use software
  • Spot Billing Machine software is written using 'C' language
  • Multi-level Security
  • Back-up & recovery to meet the rigorous needs of the DISCOM's
  • Audit tracking of critical transactions
  • Consumers - new and changes
  • Consumer status changes
  • Meter master information
  • Download process
  • Upload process
  • Cash Counter process
  • Manual Payment process
  • Journal Entries
  • Daily, weekly & monthly reports
  • MIS reports