SMRD is a mobile based android application which consists of different modules such as Meter reading, bill distribution, Site verification and collection. SMRD is built in such a way that it can be customizable and cater the needs of the utilities. SMRD access real time data for its operations and the revenue generation will be faster to the utility companies.

SMRD is a revolutionary solution devised with the intention of enabling the power distribution utilities to streamline and implement an effective metering system with making use of smart technology using android mobile.

SMRD advantages

  1. Easy to use interface with interactive screens developed in android OS.
  2. Handy to Meter Readers to carry single device for multiple functions.
  3. Reading sent online to server and processes in real time.
  4. By using SMRD we can track the meter reader using GPS.

Manpower services for Utility

The following are the man power services provided to utilities.

  1. Meter reading
  2. Spot billing
  3. Bill distribution
  4. Field Service Executives
  5. CMRI data download

The NHCL maintains effective and experienced man power trained in utility environment for reliable output.