Spot Billing

NHCL pioneered the use of Spot Billing and one of the early users in Hyderabad for APCPDCL. Other State Electricity Boards including Karnataka and New Delhi have adopted this method.

Spot billing is a revolutionary solution devised with an intention to enable the power distribution utilities to streamline and implement an effective metering & billing system, improve cash flows and to make the processes customer centric.

The spot billing process helps in integrating various activities being handled by several people at multiple locations into a single window operation.

The advantages of spot billing are well recognized by the various electricity boards in the country today. Not only does spot billing lead to much greater demand, revenue-collection efficiency and better decision systems, it also brings intangibles like transparency and better customer service to the system.

The process of collecting billing data from LT / Domestic electro-mechanical meters using hand-held computers also called as Spot Billing Machines [SBM], consist of the following steps.