Revenue Management System (RMS)

Revenue Management System (RMS) is centralized and organized web application with various modules that maintains the consumer data, customer care, Billing, collection etc., to the utility companies.

RMS helps the management to effectively manage its revenue model to obtain efficient monitory gains.

RMS system designed, developed and implemented by well experienced workforce from the utility domain. Main modules of the RMS is given below.

Consumer Care Module

  1. Monitors and Controls consumer requests like New Connection, Load Enhancement, Load Reduction etc. through work flow.

Connection Management Module

  1. Maintaining inventory of meters and other items. The items transferred from warehouse to warehouse are tracked and maintained in the system. All MMG requests are integrated to Work Flow Management to move from one desk to next desk in the process.

Meter Reading Group

  1. Exchanges data in specific format between external devices and RMS.

Revenue Billing Group

  1. Revenue Billing Group handles all the utility billing process which generates revenue to the organization. It generates the bills to consumer with respect to their usage.

Revenue Collection Group

  1. The payment collected from the consumer is immediately effected to his balance. System provides the option to reverse the payment applied to a particular account in case errors are detected at a later stage.

Management Information System

  1. The advantage of RMS is MIS reports, which will show the latest information and balance of the consumers. The utility can be managed well with the real time reports.


  1. Enforcement prevents the illegal activities of consumption in utility companies.

Distribution Loss Analysis

  1. RMS is used to inspect, survey and analysis of consumption flows in a building, process or system to reduce the amount of distribution losses.

Administration Module

Administration Module provides the following features:

  1. Time based and Machine Based- User Login through operating system.
  2. Highly secured Application from external environment