Bulk Billing

New Horizons Cybersoft Ltd developed the Bulk Billing System for North Delhi Power Limited [NDPL] to help NDPL manage their large consumers.

The Bulk Consumers are mostly Industrial and large government organizations who use power in excess of 100KW per month. NDPL personnel downloads the monthly consumption data and uploads into the Bulk Billing System. Bills are generated based on the consumption, power factor and other parameters. The Bills are generated and sent. Payments are collected. Additions to the Consumer list and changes to consumer information are handled by the system. NDPL management will be able to view and generate the reports based on their requirement.

Bulk Billing system has an option to provide the online reports for Bulk Billing consumer. The consumers will be able to view their current period bill, payment details, account balance, electricity consumption details and the respective graphs, reports etc. The consumers will be able to make payments for their electricity bills using payment gateways.

Bulk Billing System has option to view customized reports for the selected time period. Consumers can view their online Power Factor graph and can know the details of their Client Manager information.