SAP Business One based Automotive Dealer Management System

NHCL has developed an automotive dealership management system with SAP Business One as a backbone to take care of all the needs of the different departments along with the required accounting process. This system was developed for a large automotive dealer covering five different automotive companies dealership. This was developed as a centralized system with a web based front end covering major documents for more convenient usage.

This system consists of the following modules to cover the whole processes.

  1. Production module - Production Planning is the process of aligning demand with manufacturing capacity to create production and procurement schedules for finished products and component materials. It tracks and makes a record of the manufacturing process flows.
  2. Sales- This module takes care of the entire sales process of a typical automotive sales process starting from the order booking, up to vehicle delivery and invoicing.
  3. Purchase –Purchase module takes care of the entire purchase process for purchasing the cars, spares, accessories, GRPO, Purchase Invoice and Payments; this is made available in the front end to make the process more convenient.
  4. Service module- The service process starts from booking an order for the service of a vehicle. On entry of the vehicle to the service area, a docket is created for taking of the vehicle for service where you can enter the required details of the vehicle.
  5. Inventory- The back bone of the system is the inventory module which uses the SAP Inventory system with some additional data maintained at front end for more flexibility and control.
  6. Finance & Accounting– The system covers all the statutory finance and accounting process under this module.
  7. Payroll – SAP Business One based Payroll Add-on is provided along with the required integration for Financial Accounting for posting payroll data at the end of the month end process.